Where are all the Women Online?

I was watching Q&A a few weeks ago which was quite a random show at best, filmed live in Australian cities with a live audience.

In Australia, there are articles everyday on mainstream news-sites about terrorism – more specifically about ISIS.

On Q&A, one suggestion by a male panel member was to create programs to discourage men from participating in terrorism activities, and to support the men.

My question is, what about the women? A family unit typically comes with a female, and almost nothing is mentioned about support for females. It’s been quite well publicised here in Australia women also going to join ISIS.

My guess would be that both females and males, of varying backgrounds, are going for similar reasons in a lot of cases – disenfranchisement, and wanting to belong. Of course everyone is different, but ISIS seem to do a rather great job of propos, and targeting people who are looking for something.

So I get quite worried about focussing on just one gender, and worried about not looking at the underlying causes. Are people of all ages and backgrounds being included? Are people able to find something that gives them belonging?

My guess would be no.

Propaganda is targeted to both sides, and focusses on making people join a cause, and on belonging.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I believe looking at the full picture, rather than just males or race, will give a better understanding. Because we don’t need more wars. Or the saddest part – people joining ISIS to belong to something. That isn’t a good future for young people – to go find a war to belong to.


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