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The Travelling Criminologist travels to….Frankston!

This week the travelling criminologist travelled to….Frankston. Only 35 minutes on the freeway from my house, and is located near the beach. I discovered a brilliant example of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques used by department store Target.... Continue Reading →

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#fbf Laneway Learning – White Collar Crime PowerPoint from 2014!

  Hello poppets! I delivered a couple of criminology classes at Laneway Learning in Melbourne. Laneway Learning are classes in anything people want to and are able to teach, and is run independently. I really enjoyed teaching there, and can't thank... Continue Reading →

Manchester Terror Attacks: Thoughts about the aftermath and where to from here

My family is from Manchester. I lived there, and I absolutely love it there. I am shocked and saddened by the attacks in Manchester, particularly aimed at young people. My least favourite university assignment for Criminology was being asked to write... Continue Reading →

Travelling in Thailand: Safety and How Not to Get Ripped Off

Hello! The travelling criminologist here writing the latest blog from sunny Koh Samui in Thailand. In this post I thought I'd share my top tips for safety in Thailand, particularly for women. And also share some tips on not getting... Continue Reading →

Why do my berries come from Chile? Why food and water will be responsible for the next big crime wave.

We live in a world where we no longer have personal ties to the people who produce our food. Our production practices have changed - here in Australia, if I go to my major supermarket to buy frozen berries, the... Continue Reading →

Everyone thinks they are the Good Guy: Counter Terrorism and the CIA

One of my recent posts talked about why I was comfortable with travelling internationally in Europe following a terrorist attack in France. Terrorism is a complex issue, and isn't as simple as that people are waging wars on each other... Continue Reading →

Why are police uniforms blue?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of police? Is it arguably the worlds' most famous police force, the N.Y.P.D? Or is it a blue uniform? I was very lucky to get a last minute... Continue Reading →

CPTED on the High Line in NYC

Hello! Crime prevention principles can be found everywhere! Yesterday I walked along the New York City  High Line, which is a park 30 feet in the air. It's on an old rail line. This park would be absolutely stunning in summer,... Continue Reading →

Safety at airports: restaurant knives

  Rounded knife Very quick post from Manchester airport where I had a cheeky breakfast en route to JFK via Zurich. What I want to talk about is the look of the knife here. Apologies, I only realised after using... Continue Reading →

Why I am travelling in Western Countries after the Paris attacks

Hello! I'm currently in the UK after the announcement to bomb Syria. Reponses are mixed in regards to this decision however fear is obvious. It's the topic of quiet whispered conversation. I am staying with a friend who has kids... Continue Reading →

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