Manchester Terror Attacks: Thoughts about the aftermath and where to from here

My family is from Manchester. I lived there, and I absolutely love it there. I am shocked and saddened by the attacks in Manchester, particularly aimed at young people. My least favourite university assignment for Criminology was being asked to write an essay on the thoughts of the plane hijackers for 9/11. I remember having to... Continue Reading →

Why I am travelling in Western Countries after the Paris attacks

Hello! I'm currently in the UK after the announcement to bomb Syria. Reponses are mixed in regards to this decision however fear is obvious. It's the topic of quiet whispered conversation. I am staying with a friend who has kids , and has taken her oldest to Paris Disneyland. She says she'll never go back,... Continue Reading →

Where are all the Women Online?

I was watching Q&A a few weeks ago which was quite a random show at best, filmed live in Australian cities with a live audience. In Australia, there are articles everyday on mainstream news-sites about terrorism - more specifically about ISIS. On Q&A, one suggestion by a male panel member was to create programs to discourage... Continue Reading →

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