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As a criminologist, I specialise in developmental crime prevention – looking at the structural reasons for crime, and then work across social policy to reduce the likelihood of crimes or issues occurring. One example of this is when I worked for Victoria Police improving the policing response to people with a Mental Illness, so that the police, people with a mental illness and members of the community are safer when a call is made.

Among other achievements I wrote Terms of Reference for Inquiry to Aboriginal Children in Care, worked for the Office of the Public Advocate supporting over 400 volunteers in 3 years, and improving systems so they can work in a lean operational environment.

Collaboration is key – I am very experienced however no person stands alone, and there needs to be a high level commitment for improvement across the organisation to ensure success. Culture counts, and I have been lucky to work across different types of organisations, and the willingness to keep growing and improving is paramount to success.

I specialise in making good ideas work, and have great passion and flair for ensuring current best practice principles can be embedded across your workplace, home or organisation. I particularly like to maximize opportunity – my first working role was in a coordination policy unit at Victoria Police, where we were required to consider all ages, demographics, race and genders prior to approving policy making. This made for robust, supported, best practice policy.

You can work with me in most countries – I hold Australian and UK citizenship and have successfully held Visas in a variety of countries including USA, Canada and Asia. I can also work with you online.

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