CPTED on the High Line in NYC


Crime prevention principles can be found everywhere! Yesterday I walked along the New York City  High Line, which is a park 30 feet in the air. It’s on an old rail line. This park would be absolutely stunning in summer, and was great to walk along in winter to take some Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) shots.

Art along the high line – reduces likelihood of graffiti
Rubbish bins so litter is less likely
Seats that can’t be damaged easily
Fences for winter which are see through – helps with safety as sight lines are not removed

While I haven’t seen the park at peak times, during a winter day it has excellent sight lines through formal supervision, including friends of the high line volunteers. The volunteers were tending to the plants, and we’re clearly identifiable by their uniform. This adds legitimacy to the park and increases the feeling that it is owned and looked after, which means the threat of graffiti etc is reduced.

The use of see through fences while repair/maintenance work is great as it means that people can still see what’s around. Dark blocked off areas tend to increase opportunity crimes such as theft or assault.

I hope you are enjoying these travel posts and that you are having very happy and safe holidays.

Emma x

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