Safety at airports: restaurant knives

Breakfast at Manchester airport
Breakfast at Manchester airport


imageRounded knife

Very quick post from Manchester airport where I had a cheeky breakfast en route to JFK via Zurich.

What I want to talk about is the look of the knife here. Apologies, I only realised after using the knife that it was a good opportunity for a quick post.

As you can see, Manchester airport only gives out knives that are rounded and can’t be used as a weapon. They still serve their purpose (cutting food), but the potential to be used as crime is greatly reduced.

This is important as this breakfast was served after clearing security and customs. After that, there are no further checks of bags. This means that any weapon gained at this time can be taken directly on board the flight.

This type of crime prevention technique is called – CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. For more on CPTED, see my other posts.  I will post again in NYC!


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