I’m currently in the UK after the announcement to bomb Syria. Reponses are mixed in regards to this decision however fear is obvious. It’s the topic of quiet whispered conversation.

I am staying with a friend who has kids , and has taken her oldest to Paris Disneyland. She says she’ll never go back, and can’t understand why I’m travelling about in the current climate.

Australians travel a lot – I flew Malaysia a couple of weeks after MH370 went missing. I got a coffee at Starbucks in Kuala Lumpur, and the barista gave me a my cup – marked with ‘pray for MH370’. I flew to Thailand a a few weeks after the Bangkok bombings also. And I left for the UK a few weeks after Paris.

The thought of not travelling never crossed my mind. Here’s why: I broke my back last year on a trail ride in America. While it was unfortunate, and people had heard of others breaking their back, it doesn’t stop others from going on a horse. My view of the terror attacks is the same- you would have to be very unlucky, and it wouldn’t be worth missing an adventure for a lifetime of fear.

Also, statistically, being the victim of a terror attack is at number 65 in world wide killers, just in front of appendicitis.

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Emma x