Laneway Learning! Suggestions for classes?

Hello everyone!

Just a short note to say apologies for the delay in posts – I’ve recently returned to work after breaking 3 bones in my back last year, and my energy levels have taken a while to build back up. As I’m a blogging newbie I haven’t worked out how to autocue posts, but I’m working on it! My next post on criminology will be tomorrow, as I’ve been merrily typing away over the past week.

I also recently ran a class with Laneway Learning in Melbourne, teaching about outdated theories in Criminology. We covered Demonology, Sociobiological theories of rape, Eugenics and Physiognomy and Phrenology. Lesson learned – I think people enjoyed it and there was lots of discussion, however it does get very heavy in the room when you discuss these topics.

This was my second class on criminology with Laneway Learning, who run affordable classes on anything and everything! My previous class with Laneway Learning was on White Collar Crime, and that was much more light hearted and peppered with media clips to describe crimes. While financial crime is significantly traumatic and causes widespread damage, it doesn’t strike the same chord with people.

So on that note, if anyone has any class suggestions for topics they would be interested in, I would be very happy to hear them!

Stay safe,


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