Getting a job in Criminology – A Parole Office’s Experience

Hello there!

This is a quick post to share how a friend from University got a gig working in the Criminology field, and is a really good example of transitioning straight to working in the field. I sent Anna* a message asking her how she’d ended up working in the field, and here was her response:

‘Remember that corrections subject we took with Stephen Smallbone? We had an assignment on parole. I asked him questions about the Queensland system and he suggested to do volunteer placement. I called an office, got an interview for what I thought was volunteer placement, but was offered a temp contract on the spot. 7 years later, still working for corrections.’

Annnndddd that’s that! Very well done.

I’ll be sharing my less easy way of getting a gig in the field soon, and sincere apologies for the delay in the post. I am aiming to post weekly, however I’m still recovering from 3 broken bones in my back so have struggled over the past couple of weeks posting while doing intense physio. I’ll also be starting to work on crime content posts, for people interested in criminology but aren’t looking for a job in the field.

Cheerio, Emma.

*Not Anna’s real name, but I promise is a real person.

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