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Boronia Heights College Vandalism

Hello! A slightly more emotional post from me this week. My old school, Boronia Heights, has been quite badly vandalised since closing at the end of the school year on 2014. I'd like to talk about how and why this... Continue Reading →


Clunes Book Festival – The Market Reduction Approach (aka how to stop things getting nicked at a market!)

How do you stop theft or other crowd related activity (i.e. pickpocketing, especially wallets and mobile phones)? One of the answers is spacing. Make sure you give people room to look at items freely, without having to stand close to someone. Shop theft largely occurs due to opportunity - i.e. lack of surveillance (either a shop keeper or CCTV, usually both), an item that's easy to pickpocket, and a split-second decision to take the item. Clues Booktown did this really well.

Homes for the homeless: ‘The surprisingly simple way Utah solved chronic homelessness and saved millions’

Hello! Just wanted to share this amazing article, which is inspiring but also a little depressing at the same time! 'Utah have taken a Housing First approach in tackling crime since 2004. It's now years later. And these days, Mr... Continue Reading →

‘Gee Officer Krupke’ and Juvenile Delinquency

I was in the car yesterday, and 'Gee Officer Krupke' from West Side Story started playing on my car stereo. It’s a brilliant song about Juvenile Delinquency - sums up the whole theory around what causes JD in a very tidy time... Continue Reading →

Why Culture Counts in Criminology

In my second post, I talked about what Criminology is: 'Basically it’s the study of crime – who causes, why and how to prevent it. Then the idea is that you can use that information once you are employed to better... Continue Reading →

Laneway Learning! Suggestions for classes?

Hello everyone! Just a short note to say apologies for the delay in posts - I've recently returned to work after breaking 3 bones in my back last year, and my energy levels have taken a while to build back... Continue Reading →

The Travelling Criminologist travels to….Frankston!

This week the travelling criminologist travelled to….Frankston. Only 35 minutes on the freeway from my house, and is located near the beach. I discovered a brilliant example of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques used by department store Target.... Continue Reading →

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Criminology – TED-talks

Welcome back! I’d like to share some of my favourite TED talks in regards to crime and criminology. The talks are intended for any audience, so everyone can listen with no prior subject matter knowledge. TED stands for Technology Entertainment... Continue Reading →

Getting a job in Criminology – A Parole Office’s Experience

Hello there! This is a quick post to share how a friend from University got a gig working in the Criminology field, and is a really good example of transitioning straight to working in the field. I sent Anna* a... Continue Reading →

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