Everyone thinks they are the Good Guy: Counter Terrorism and the CIA

One of my recent posts talked about why I was comfortable with travelling internationally in Europe following a terrorist attack in France. Terrorism is a complex issue, and isn't as simple as that people are waging wars on each other ideology. This video talks about a CIA agent's counter terrorism work overseas. It's a short... Continue Reading →

Why I am travelling in Western Countries after the Paris attacks

Hello! I'm currently in the UK after the announcement to bomb Syria. Reponses are mixed in regards to this decision however fear is obvious. It's the topic of quiet whispered conversation. I am staying with a friend who has kids , and has taken her oldest to Paris Disneyland. She says she'll never go back,... Continue Reading →

Criminology – TED-talks

Welcome back! I’d like to share some of my favourite TED talks in regards to crime and criminology. The talks are intended for any audience, so everyone can listen with no prior subject matter knowledge. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design, and has grown out of a conference dedicated to these ideas. Now, TED... Continue Reading →

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