Why do my berries come from Chile? Why food and water will be responsible for the next big crime wave.

We live in a world where we no longer have personal ties to the people who produce our food. Our production practices have changed - here in Australia, if I go to my major supermarket to buy frozen berries, the most affordable ones for sale are imported from Chile, even though there are many berry... Continue Reading →

CPTED on the High Line in NYC

Hello! Crime prevention principles can be found everywhere! Yesterday I walked along the New York City  High Line, which is a park 30 feet in the air. It's on an old rail line. This park would be absolutely stunning in summer, and was great to walk along in winter to take some Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design... Continue Reading →

So What Exactly is Criminology?

Hello! Welcome back. In this blog post, I thought I’d start with the basics, and talk about what Criminology actually is. This post is inspired by a few messages I’ve received recently, asking from friends how to go about being a criminologist too, so I’ve taken those questions and answered them here. Disclaimer: This was... Continue Reading →

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